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A Free E-Course Teaching You The 12 Best Ways To Improve Flexibility, Strengthen Your Core, and Build A Healthier Back… In The Safest, Simplest, and Most Effective Ways…Even if You Are a Complete Beginner, or Haven’t Exercised In Years

Dear Reader, My name is Dr. Kevin Mao, Physical Therapist, and owner of Balance and Body Restoration Physical Therapy and Massage. At our clinic, we specialize in working with people who are struggling from chronic pain. Most commonly we see people with chronic lower back pain, or chronic neck and shoulder pain. This is usually due to a couple of different reasons…

Most of our patients are either:

  • Working from home, at a desk, or over a computer for up to 8, 10, or even 12 hours a day with poor posture or ergonomics
  • Not as physically active as they would have liked to have been for several years, and those issues are starting to catch up to them in the form of muscle tightness, joint stiffness, or loss of strength
  • Or are just struggling with the effects of old injuries, age, or just a gradual loss of mobility and strength, and want to be able to address some of those issues in a safe and effective way

Exercise, as we know, is one of the most effective solutions that we have in order to help reverse some of these problems and to help people heal and recover from chronic pain and injury.

However, for many of our patients…

They are generally aware that they need to be doing some form of stretching, or exercise, but usually hesitate to exercise for a couple of different reasons…

Either they are:

  • Worried about doing the wrong exercises that could make their pain worse
  • Not sure about how to do the exercises with the proper form, or technique, and don’t want to “mess anything up”
  • Or they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different exercise programs that are out there (from stretching, to core strengthening, to yoga, pilates, or weight training)

And overall, they just have no idea where they should start…

And unfortunately, what ends up happening is, they end up not doing any exercise at all, which just makes all of their problems worse!

So, to help solve some of these problems, and to help those of you who are looking to start with some form of stretching, strengthening, or get into some form of an exercise program…

I have created a FREE, 12-video E-Course called the Beginner’s Guide to Back Rehabilitation.

In this program, I will share with you some of our favorite stretches and exercises that will include:

  • 4 Stretches that wil help loosen up your upper back, improve your posture and help you stand taller for longer (with less pain)
  • 2 Simple Ways to “Unlock” and “Release” hip tightness that develops from years of sitting that will also remove stress and strain OFF your pelvis and lower back
  • Our 4 favorite “core strengthening exercises” that are biomechanically proven to be completely safe on your spine and will cause no harm or damage
  • 3 Gentle, “Spine Mobility” drills that can help reverse the effects of sitting, while also teaching you to safely move your spine even if you haven’t exercised for years
  • How to apply our “Neural-Strengthening” which focuses more on developing neural connections, which favors strengthenign the mind-body connection instead of building “big-bulky” muscles

These are exercises that I have personally selected after 12 years of experience, having now worked with hundreds of patients heal and recover from chronic back injuries.

And what I feel are the most effective for my patients in terms of increasing mobility, building strength, and overall confidence within the spine.

Our program is based on 3 core principles:

1: Safety First

As a physical therapist who is usually working with someone who has been dealing with chronic pain, or is recovering fro injury our top priority is to make sure we a creating a safe environment for people to start to re-explore their body, and their mobility. .

The exercises I have selected create minimal stress and loading on the lower back, and instead teach you ways to “off-load” and remove stress and strain OFF your back.

We won’t show you any risky, or herky-jerky movements…instead, our program is focused more on showing you simple movements that are taught in a very slow, controlled way, where we focus more on “form and technique” rather than “sets and repetitions”

2. Simplicity

Our goal is also to make sure these exercises are very easy to do at home, with little to no equipment needed at all. You won’t need to go to a gym, or hire a trainer, as all of our exercises involve teaching you how to stretch and move your own body, and teach you how to activate muscles safely.

The exercises are designed at a beginner’s level, and will help even if you haven’t exercised in years.

Or if you are someone who exercises regularly, or used to in the past, this will show you how to get “back to the basics” and build a solid foundation of mobility, and core strength to help you in your recovery.

3. Effectiveness

While this program is designed with a priority on safety, simplicity, and build for beginners…

Make no mistake, these exercises… when done correctly are highly engaging, stimulating and challenging on your body!

These are exercises that I still personally do, and even world-class athletes who we have seen recovering from chronic pain and injury have benefitted significantly from.

Even though they put minimal loading, or stress on your lower back. They are difficult because we are teaching you how to switch back on and engage muscles that you may have not paid attention to for years, which can be a challenge for anyone.

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All you need to do to accessthis program is fill out the webform, provide us with your name, and e-mail address, and we will send you one exercise over the next 12 days with video and written instructions.

As a bonus for signing up for this program, you will also receive a free copy of our spine tips e-newsletter.

In this newsletter, I will continue to share with you:

  • Lessons we’ve learned from working with our patients that will give you actionable advice to help you relieve back pain without relying on pills, injections or surgery
  • Tips and advice regarding best stretches, exercises, and rehabilitation approaches that are working well for our clients
  • And other strategies that will help you decrease inflammation, increase mobility strengthe, and build a healthier spine.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside,

Dr. Kevin Mao

Yes I Want to Enroll in the Beginner’s Guide to Back Rehab e-course »Click Here

Fill Out This Simple Form to Enroll in The “Beginner’s Guide to Back Rehab E-Course” (...It’s Currently FREE!)

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Even though this is an exercise program that is designed to be as safe, and as simple as possible, please understand that this program is NOT meant to be a substitute for professional advice. When I am working with a patient, in the clinic, we are ensuring that every step of the way that their body is ready, able, and SAFE to exercise. And that exercise, in my opinion, should not be meant to "fix" or "cure" pain, or other medical issues. Instead, it is designed to help people increase their mobility, strength, and body awareness, which in turn, can help with certain TYPES of back pain.

With that said, I urge you, before taking any actions based on this information, we encourage you to consult with your physician, or a physical therapist to ensure the safety of your spine while attempting to exercise. The use or reliance of any information contained in this video is solely at your own risk.

What Other People Just Like You Had to Say About Balance and Body Restoration

I had a diagnosis of degenerative arthritis and stenosis in the same area…the surgeon wanted to fuse me at 3 levels, but I said no. I had tried physical therapy before and I’d be in so much pain trying to do the exercises I’d want to collapse. But What I had found here is that…my goodness, my energy is different, my breathing is different, my outlook on life I different, I actually look forward to exercising. I’m looking forward to playing with my grandkids, hike with my husband.

Barbara Age 62, Livermore

I had major abdominal surgery about 3 years ago and that’s when it all started. My doctors told me it was sciatica, and that it was common and many people just live with it…They had given me pills I didn’t want to take, but it got to the point where one day I was getting shooting pains down the leg… I was like a baby, I couldn’t do anything…I did physical therapy for 8 weeks and it didn’t do anything for me and by then I felt like a lost case…by now after seeing Kevin at Balance and Body, I’m almost pain-free...He was very personal, and passionate, and I feel like a different person now… And just the simple things like getting in and out of my car, walking around the house and simple yard work no longer gives me problems like it used to.

Linda Age 71, Pleasanton, CA

Diane, from San Ramon

“Kevin's intuition about the body and its function goes beyond technique. Not all physical therapist are the same and not all bodies respond the same. As he is working, he is constantly monitoring and assessing your response, looking for trigger points to alleviate and accomplish the best results. I am so appreciative of the time and talent he expends in a compassionate and careful manner! I am now an avid supporter of physical therapy. I encourage others to not wait. It does not go away and get better on its own!”

Life was pretty miserable, I couldn’t sit down at work or even to watch a movie, I couldn’t do school projects with my young kids, and I just felt like pain was limiting everything in my life… But you have treatments that work. You have an approach that alleviated LOADS of tension in my own body in places that I didn’t even know existed! And also making me far more aware of my own actual movement so that I’m able to learn to do things in a safe way. I feel like I have this second chance, and I’m not going to let it go to waste, and now having all the knowledge, to properly take care of my body, and actually exercise with good form, I’m actually excited about exercising now, whereas before, I wasn’t

Dean Age 38, Livermore

I had tried going to another physical therapist, I went there for 5 months, and their way of physical therapy didn’t help with the swelling or anything whatsoever… But by seeing you, it has made a WORLD of difference but it not only helped the area around my surgery, but it helped so many other areas of my stroke. Just the mobility I got back from that alone has made a WORLD of difference… amazing!

Judi Age 53, Livermore

Kevin and Thuy are miracle workers who care more about their patients than anyone we have ever worked with.  My wife is in her mid seventies and severed her Achilles tendon twice in a 5 week period and was in constant pain and swelling around the ankle area.  The doctors told us she would just have to live with those discomforts and nothing could be done about it.  Then Kevin was referred to us through a physical trainer and we noticed a great difference after even the first visit.   Kevin and Thuy worked together and they have made a great difference in my wife's recovery and future life style.  Then Kevin started working with me for preventative maintenance as I aged and worked out some problems I had in my neck and shoulders that I had just gotten used to and accepted as part of aging.  Kevin is now working those problems areas out for me and I can feel my body getting more and more pain free.  They are both very good people who care about their patients

Howard and Diane Age 77, Discovery bay

Due to a variety of medical reasons and sitting at a desk for several years, I struggled to walk normally and to stand for more than a few minutes at a time. My right knee was permanently in a bent and bowed position. After two sessions with Kevin, my knee was significantly straighter, improving my gait. I could tell something wonderful was happening when I spent at least a half hour visiting with a friend while standing. In fact, I didn't recognize what a miracle that was until after I walked away from the conversation! Talk about an improvement in my quality of life! It's not a miracle one-time cure, but I improve significantly with each session. Prior to working with Kevin I had tried traditional physical therapy, chiropractic care, knee surgery, and acupuncture among other things. This therapy has made the most improvement.

Cindy Age 61, Livermore

Kevin not only helped restore my body, he helped restore my life. Even when I was hesitant and even resistant, he assured me that he could help. Trusting him and his professionalism was one of the best decisions I've made. If I had followed the instructions of my primary health doctor, my recovery process would have taken so much longer, if at all. He listened and treated me as a whole person and not just my back injury. With his guidance, knowledge and years of experience I now know that I can sustain a life of balance and free from pain.

Anna Age 37, San Ramon