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  • Are you looking to try Physical Therapy?
  • Are you someone who is looking to stay active, but feel held back by some form of pain or injury?
  • Are you looking for a natural solution, against taking painkillers, and would like to avoid unnecessary surgery?
  • Do you want get back to living your normal, active lifestyle without feeling the burden of pain, stiffness, or tension stopping you from doing the activities you love?

If so, then you have come to the right place.

But before you do anything, I highly recommend downloading our free guide:

“29 Most Common Questions About Physical Therapy Answered: Everything You Need to Know About Physical Therapy to Protect Your Mobility and Your Long-Term Health"

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Everything You Need to Know About Physical Therapy to Protect Your Mobility and Your Long-Term Health

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Why Should I Download This Guide?

We want to give you the best possible information to help you feel at ease, and comfortable about choosing to work with a physical therapist, if that is what you are looking for.

I understand there may be some misconceptions about PT, and what we actually do, or who we can actually help…

Because when physical therapy is done the right way, it has the potential to:

  • Help you become more active, and stay away from painkillers, so you can keep up with your friends and family
  • Help you avoid unnecessary, and potentially dangerous surgery, even if a surgeon said nothing else could be done
  • Help you feel more energetic, confident, and enjoy getting back to the activities you love the most

And before you get started, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Physical Therapy, including:

  • Can physical therapy help my condition?
  • Is physical therapy right for me?
  • How is physical therapy different from other services such as chiropractic, massage or personal training?
  • 7 questions to ask a physical therapist before you hire them
  • 3 mistakes to avoid in choosing a physical therapy clinic

Bear in mind not all physical therapy clinics are the same, and not all physical therapists are created equally.

And choosing the right physical therapist from the get-go will not only significantly increase your chances of getting you back to the lifestyle you love, but can also potentially save you from needing to take painkillers, or needing a risky surgery.

After you’ve downloaded your free guide to physical therapy, I’d like to share with you a bit more about who we help:

We specialize in helping people aged 45+ who are health conscious, and want to stay active, free of painkillers and unnecessary surgeries.

However, if you are someone who is:

  • Looking for a quick fix
  • Uninterested in taking an active role in your recovery and health
  • Simply ‘waiting around’ for things to get better before you try to take action

Then unfortunately, Balance and Body Restoration may not be the right fit for you…

Quick fixes, overnight solutions may seem appealing at first, but rarely do they create long lasting, permanent results.

But if you ARE someone who:

  • Significantly values your health and want nothing but the best quality of care
  • Has a strong desire to stay active, and wants to stay away from pills and unnecessary surgery
  • Wants nothing more than to keep up with your friends and family, and want to stay independent and mobile for the rest of your life

Then you can expect a truly transformative experience with us, like some of our best clients below:

I had a diagnosis of degenerative arthritis and stenosis in the same area…the surgeon wanted to fuse me at 3 levels, but I said no. I had tried physical therapy before and I’d be in so much pain trying to do the exercises I’d want to collapse. But What I had found here is that…my goodness, my energy is different, my breathing is different, my outlook on life I different, I actually look forward to exercising. I’m looking forward to playing with my grandkids, hike with my husband.

Barbara Age 62, Livermore

I had tried going to another physical therapist, I went there for 5 months, and their way of physical therapy didn’t help with the swelling or anything whatsoever… But by seeing you, it has made a WORLD of difference but it not only helped the area around my surgery, but it helped so many other areas of my stroke. Just the mobility I got back from that alone has made a WORLD of difference… amazing!

Judi Age 53, Livermore

After several months of stress & pain due to inactivity, I ended up with chronic pain and poor posture in my upper cervical area and shoulders. I first sought Chiropractic help and massage therapy, neither seemed to relieve the painful muscles for any length of time. I’m truly am against using prescriptions to mask an injury if it can be helped. Within the first session with Kevin, I began to feel relief and continued on for 6 more sessions. It is certainly a relief to feel almost new again and though stress with my business does not go away. I’m grateful to have found Balance Body Restoration and Kevin Mao and will continue to see him from time to time for a body “tune-up".

Marjorie Age 71, Dublin

The Discovery Visit...

We firmly believe it is important for you to feel comfortable working with us, and for you to know exactly what we can do for your before you ever commit to work with us.

And to also show you how we may be a bit different than some of the services you have tried, or what you may have been told about physical therapy.

Which is why we offer a Free, 30-minute “Discovery Visit”

What exactly is this Discovery Visit?

This “Discovery Visit” is a free, 30-minute face to face with a physical therapist, for us to have an honest conversation about your health.

We will listen to your story, your frustrations, but more importantly try to find a path towards helping you return to the lifestyle and restore the quality of life you deserve.

Is this going to just be some sales pitch?

We will not ask you for a single dime during this visit, and there is ZERO COMMITMENT on your end. It is purely a chance for you to see what we do, for you to meet us in person and get an idea of whether or not we’d be a good fit for each other.

We want to be 100% confident that we will be able to help you before you commit to anything. We will also make it a priority to explain our process to you in a way that makes sense.

We will also provide you with a small ‘taster’ of our services by also offering you a glimpse at your very own mobility profile.

What is a mobility profile?

A mobility profile is a full-body movement screen looking at all of the movements of your body. Even though you may be having trouble with a back injury, a shoulder or neck injury, or just battling overall aches and pains, our mobility screen is designed to capture ALL of your movements.

By taking a big-picture approach, and making sure we analyze your FULL body, we will be able to find the 'root cause' of your pain.

What do you mean by the ROOT cause of pain?

The body is very complex. the anatomy, and all of the interactions it has is nothing short of amazing. (Everything's connected, right?)

Well, remember that old injury you had in college?

Or a surgery you had a few years ago that didn’t quite get to 100%?

Or what about a back injury you had a while back that you may not have gotten fixed at the time?

All of these past injuries can create problems such as ‘muscle imbalances’ or ‘compensations which place other parts of your body at risk for injury.

It is very possible that even though you may have pain in one area of the body, there could be something else that is ‘causing it’.

Examples of this might be:

  • Tight hips pulling on your lower back causing inflammation and scar tissue to build up
  • A “pinched nerve” coming from stiffness in your neck causing “referred pain” down into your shoulder
  • An old ankle injury that never healed which could be causing your knee to “compensate” for your injury

And many more examples that would explain why your body is hurting, and also why treatment in only one area of your body doesn’t seem to be working.

In finding the root cause, it will paint us a picture of what is TRULY going on with your body, and it will give you the best possible chance to not only get out of pain, but also help you return to the activities you love, and the quality of life you deserve.

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How can I get started?

All you need to do is click the yellow button above and fill out a very quick, simple form and tell us a bit more about your problems. From here, we will give you a call to talk a bit more about your problems and make sure we are a good fit for each other. Afterwards, we will schedule a time for you to come in for your discovery visit.

(Please keep in mind, due to our very busy schedule, availability for these discovery visits is very limited. If you are in pain, and would like to get this problem of yours fixed sooner, it is recommended to inquire as soon as possible to guarantee your spot)

Here’s what others had to say after choosing their very own discovery visit:

Life was pretty miserable, I couldn’t sit down at work or even to watch a movie, I couldn’t do school projects with my young kids, and I just felt like pain was limiting everything in my life… But you have treatments that work. You have an approach that alleviated LOADS of tension in my own body in places that I didn’t even know existed! And also making me far more aware of my own actual movement so that I’m able to learn to do things in a safe way. I feel like I have this second chance, and I’m not going to let it go to waste, and now having all the knowledge, to properly take care of my body, and actually exercise with good form, I’m actually excited about exercising now, whereas before, I wasn’t

Dean Age 38, Livermore

In late 2016, I got hit with a double-whammy: both sciatica and a shoulder injury. I was a choral singer who couldn’t hold his score and a lover of travel and live music who couldn’t sit (whether in an airplane, a car or a concert hall) for more than 20 minutes at a time. I was always in pain. It took too much of my attention all the time, every day. Now, at the end of 2017, my sciatica is completely gone and the shoulder pain is drastically improved, nearly gone. I now know that an intelligently-designed and collaboratively-managed PT treatment program, combined with diligent at-home stretching and exercise, can work miracles, even with a body that’s past its prime.

John Age 66, Bay Area Native

After dealing with a leg infection and a very uncomfortable muscle inflammation caused by bacteria, I had very sore muscles in my legs and hip that kept me from walking normally and hampered my normal day to day activities…How effective has he been, with the follow-up treatments I've been receiving from him? Well, by the second session (within a week of the first), I felt much improved that I tried walking without my cane the next day and walked all day, as well as did some of my interesting sports activities. Even with just my brief experience with Kevin, and I had the opportunity to substantially discuss very interestingly with him his whole approach, philosophy and basis of experience for providing his services - backed up with very tangible improvements that I've experienced in just a few sessions with him.

Joe Age 66, Dublin

If you have ANY other questions, concerns, or want to talk more about your problem and how and if we can help you, please send us an email at and we will return your questions as soon as we can.

You can also call us at 925-361-7726.

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