Massage Therapy

Here at Balance and Body Restoration, we do our “massage therapy” quite differently and very soon we will be offering THREE different types of massage:

The “Pain Relief/Recovery” Massage

Maybe you’re like most people, who find themselves constantly stiff/achy and in a low grade of constant tightness because you sit too much, drive too much, and just do NOT have the time to get active…

No matter the cause, for those constantly feeling, tight, stiff, achy, and just in dire need of some body work, you’ve come to the right place! Our massage therapists work hand-in-hand with our physical therapists, so they have an extensive knowledge of anatomy and injury physiology.

Maybe you don’t need a “full, comprehensive rehab program” and just need some solid “body work” done to help you optimize your recovery from training. Or you’re just looking for something to help “take the edge” off of your pain/tightness.

At Balance and Body Restoration we make it our priority to make sure that you feel comfortable with our work at ALL times. We make sure your massage experience is catered to YOU, so you can feel the best benefits that massage can bring to your health.

The “Escape” Massage

When was the last time you actually spent time on yourself? With hectic commutes, and crazy traffic around the tri-valley, on top of craziness at work, and even more craziness at home, when was the last time you actually enjoyed a little bit of “me-time”

I’m sure you’ve noticed your days getting shorter, you find yourself busier… But what you may not be noticing is the slow decline in your health as a result. You start to put on a little bit of weight...

It’s hard for you to get a good night’s sleep… You start having problems with your digestion, and maybe start experiencing headaches, or full-body aches….

A mind-body connection is something that cannot be ignored…

The more stressed your mind, the more it will negatively impact your body… The more stiff, inactive and unhealthy your body becomes, your mood, your energy, and mental state will also decline…

Our massages are specifically designed to treat certain ailments, such as STRESS elimination! You will find that we will also provide you helpful recovery tips, and mobility strategies to make sure your massage will last MUCH longer than your “average” massage!

The “Stress Reliever” Massage

Do you find yourself constantly stressed, annoyed, and agitated? Are you finding yourself having to juggle a hectic job, a bunch of kids running around at home, and a spouse that takes you for granted? Are you one of those people that holds ALL of your tension in your neck and shoulders? Does it get so bad sometimes that you can actually feel knots and rocks build up in the tops of your shoulders?

I know those muscle relaxants and pain-killers barely “touched” the area… Weeks then go by, and the stress starts to worsen… You might start experiencing painful migraines, and a constant strain on your neck. You start feeling more angry and irritated and start losing your temper more often. You have lost a sense of your true state of mind, and you can barely recognize the person in front of you the mirror. The stress keeps building, and worsening, and the tension won’t go away no matter what you do…

But don’t lose hope!!!! What we can promise to provide you here, at Balance and Body Restoration… is an escape… An hour of time, dedicated to you, your mind, and your body… In a place where we have designed a massage specifically aimed to help you eliminate your stress!

We will begin offering our massage therapy later this year. If you would like to find out more please just give us a call at 925-361-7726! Or… if you would rather send in your questions through email, write us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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