Now Hiring: Full-Time Physical Therapist

In the East Bay of California in an Outpatient Orthopedic Clinic That Specializes in Manual Therapy and Evidence-Based Practice

Dear Physical Therapist,

  • Are you looking for a job in the East Bay of California in an Outpatient Orthopedic clinic that specializes in manual therapy and evidence-based practice?
  • Are you tired of, or worried about treating 14-20+ patients every single day?
  • Are you feeling exhausted and burned out and wondering if you went into the right profession?
  • Are you sick of playing the insurance games and doing the paperwork needed to get paid?
  • Are you looking for true MENTORSHIP? And would like to have one on one training weekly by a top physical therapist in the profession?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, and are looking for a fresh opportunity to grow and thrive in a new setting, then the rest of this letter will be one of the most important things you will EVER read...

First off, my name is Kevin Mao DPT, and my company, Balance and Body Restoration is a rapidly growing CASH-BASED orthopedic clinic that is looking for a physical therapist to join our ranks.

We are a small, family owned private practice who primarily serve people health conscious people aged 45+ looking to heal their injuries naturally, keep free of pills and surgeries and get back to living normal, active lifestyles.

We place a heavy emphasis on manual therapy, and taking a full-body, functional-movement based approach in a one-on-one therapist to patient setting.

Being a “cash-based, or “out-of-network” clinic creates a “dream scenario” for a physical therapist because of the limited demands on documentation, ability to spend more time and energy on patient care, and also lets you dictate the terms of care without all of the “insurance” hassles.

I originally started Balance and Body Restoration in February 2018 after many years working in a private practice setting. Although my love and passion for the profession was still very high, due to all the changes to our profession in the past several years (insurance demands, hospital/physician owned practices, lower reimbursements), I realized I was becoming more burnt out by the system every single day.

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What Frustrated Me The Most Was:

  • Feeling physically drained performing manual treatment on 16-18 patients/day
  • Coming home every night with 2 hours worth of chart notes instead of spending time with my wife and kids
  • Working with unmotivated patients (while not having enough time to work on patients I really enjoyed working with)
  • Feeling underappreciated for the amount of energy and passion I put into becoming a better clinician without any room for professional growth

But more importantly, I began to question my future in this profession, because there was no way I’d be able to maintain this lifestyle, while trying to deliver the best possible care for my patients, and also preserve my own health and well-being.

I chose to start Balance and Body Restoration as a place where I could go to provide the top-notch, world-class quality of care that I KNEW was possible for my patients…

But to also be able to go home and have enough time and energy to give to my wife and my kids.

And now fast forward two years, our business has experienced massive growth to the point where we are looking to add talented, driven, and forward thinking physical therapists to our team that share the same vision.

Our main goal is for Balance and Body Restoration to be a place where we will help physical therapists like you, become the ABSOLUTE BEST version of yourself by providing an environment that is centered around YOU the therapist, and the patient, without all of the other hassles that come with insurance, or ‘corporate’ demands.

Here’s Our Promise To You, And What You Should Expect Working Here As A Physical Therapist:

  • 1. Work-Life Balance  

    Protecting the physical and mental health of our therapists is one of our top goals.  Having time (and energy) to spend with your friends, family and kids, or your favorite activities is of utmost importance.   To help maintain this balance, we have set a limit of the amount of patients a therapists can see each day to no more than 9 patients/day.  This will make sure that you not only can spend more quality time with less patients, but also have enough energy to bring home to your family and loved ones, without feeling overtired, stressed, or burnt-out.

  • 2. Significant emphasis on growth and learning

    To be the best we have to train like the best. And to do this we will be relentless in our pursuit of growth and learning. We will provide a MINIMUM of 2 hours of one-on-one mentorship and inservices every single week. We will discuss:

    • Advanced evaluation theory
    • Develop manual therapy skills
    • Review complicated cases
    • Develop highly effective patient communication skills
    • Provide healthy discussion for new trends and techniques and evidence-based methodology

    Just like for our patients, we also want to provide our therapists with the best possible chance to succeed. For you to develop your skills and your craft and become one of the most sought after therapists in all of the bay area.

  • 3. Working ONLY with the best, motivated clients

    Do you ever get discouraged working with someone who is unmotivated and unwilling to take an active role in their recovery?

    But then again, do you get excited at the chance to work with someone who is truly health conscious, motivated and will do anything it takes to get better?

    At Balance and Body Restoration, we have created a system that allows us to “screen out” people who are unmotivated and unwilling to take an active role in their recovery, so we can spend MORE time and energy on the people who we can TRULY help make a difference in their lives.

    We believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our clients, and realize that working with people who truly value their health, and see the value that physical therapy can bring to their life is something that is truly energizing, rewarding, and fulfilling.

  • 4. Be at the “ground level” of building something special

    We are a small, family owned clinic that is trying to make a true impact in our community.

    Unlike those PT “corporations” who cares ONLY about numbers and productivity, we want you to feel like another member of the family.

    Yes, we are small, but we are growing RAPIDLY. And we want YOU to be a part of a strong foundation for a business that YOU can also be proud to say you helped build.

    Our mission is to be the “go-to place” in the entire East-Bay where people can go to seek care not only for pain relief and to heal from injuries…

    But to also be a place where people can go to develop a healthier lifestyle and quality of life.

    Our mission is to help people make better decisions about their health, and provide a safe environment where they can heal, without all of the nonsense that’s going on in our health-care system.

    And to be at the forefront of advancing our profession where we can TRULY help people understand the REAL value of that physical therapy can bring to their lives, and give the people a much better alternative to pills, unnecessary surgeries, or other low-quality, ineffective treatments that are out there.

  • 5. Opportunities for career growth and advancement

    Because one of our core values is centered around growth and learning, we want to continue to provide opportunities for you to further advance your career. As we grow, so will you! We can discuss what these growth opportunities will be as you progress on your journey with us,

    If this sounds interesting to you, please know that we aren’t looking for just “any” therapist to join our team. We are looking for someone with a true “A-player” mentality who possesses a VERY SPECIFIC set of personal values:

Core Values:

  • Humble, yet quietly confident
  • Consistently goes above and beyond that of which is asked
  • Is self-motivated, takes initiative, and is a true “self-starter”
  • Connecting with people personally and emotionally
  • Relentlessly pursues growth and learning
  • Is a true “team-player” and sacrifices own personal gain for the betterment of the team
  • Being held accountable to high standards both personally and professionally


Being a “private pay” clinic also means there are slightly different tasks and expectations of you as a therapist. But realize that it is for the greater good of our patients, and you the therapists.

  • Communicate with patients in a way that allows them to confidently make the right decision about the plan of care you suggest
  • Ensure that patients achieve their clinical and health/lifestyle outcomes (in the time frame you set).
  • Develop a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits both the patient and the clinic.
  • Communicate the value of our service with the fee/price that the patient will need to pay to access it.
  • Ensure that patients remain excited about the prospect of coming for physical therapy (and remain committed to the treatment plan you suggest).
  • Provide a high level of customer care that will cause patients to want to come back frequently (and tell their friends and family about us as well).
  • Ensure that patients complete a full plan of care (as agreed in the first session)
  • Ensure that clinical notes are kept up to date, accurate, and completed in the agreed time frame needed for the clinic to complete the billing.
  • Participate in, contribute to, and help to develop the in-house educational training program that is provided to all physical therapists

Measurable Outcomes:

Accountability is at the center of one of our main core values. We use metrics that we will all be accountable for. This is to ENSURE your success as a clinician and employee within our company.

  • Convert at least 7/10 “Discovery visit consults” to evaluation
  • Convert at least 8/10 evaluations to full plan of care
  • Ensure 8/10 patients complete their prescribed plan of care
  • Maintain a Per Visit Average of greater than 8 visits/patient

Skills Needed:

Aside from clinical skills, you will also need to possess certain personal skills and traits to ensure your success with the clinic.

  • Be able to communicate in such a way that they can understand why the suggested plan of care is the best solution to solve their problem.
  • Communicate with patients in a way that they can see the value in the plan of care being put forward in exchange for their time and money
  • Willing and able to spot when a patient may be disillusioned or confused with their progress (and likely to drop-off)
  • To be able to communicate in such a way that the patient can confidently say “YES” to a full plan of care
  • To be able to engage with and connect with patients on a personal level that goes way beyond a clinical outcome
  • Demonstrates an understanding of what the causes are- and solutions- that could lead to a patient dropping off schedule
  • Ability to thrive in an environment where measurement is the driving force behind progress

If this sounds interesting to you in ANY WAY, or if you know of a close friend or colleague that would be interested in this position, here’s what you need to do next:

Click the yellow button below and enter your details or email me personally at and let me know of your interest in the position, what specifically interested you in the position, and why you think you would be a great fit for our company.

I very much look forward to hearing from you soon,


Kevin Mao, DPT

Owner/CEO Balance and Body Restoration

P.S. There is currently only ONE job opening for a full-time therapist, so if you are truly someone who is passionate about the profession, and want to escape the “grind” and are sick of feeling burnt-out, then I highly suggest you let us know of your interest as quickly as possible before you lose out on this potentially life-changing job.

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